Rethinking the Content Inventory: Topic Inventories


Good point that perhaps breaking up Woodpeckers might make sense in the above example.  I think I would look at these issues:

  • Would breaking up woodpeckers make sense to the users (as well as the content contributors who would need to make the distinction as well)?
  • Is there some facet that could be applied?  Just to use a simple example, perhaps colors might make sense (that could also be applied to all the other bird types as well).
  • Editorially is too much being published on woodpeckers?  The content-to-pageview ratio is 1:2 for Woodpeckers, but 1:1000 for Starlings.  Perhaps some more effort should be placed editorially on other types of birds.

Thanks for the useful observation.

Is there an argument to break up "Woodpeckers"? Too much content in one topic with lots of interest? How might you think about that?

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