We help organizations focus their web presence. 

You need to match your goals with how to get there and stay focused.

Just released! New book: Website Product Management, Keeping focused during change

People expect constant change to your web presence. How do you stay focused during all the change? The new book, Website Product Management: Keeping Focused During Change, explores:

  • Product thinking
  • Getting the bones right
  • Ongoing change


Examples of focus

Focus isn't easy to attain, especially on an ongoing basis. When at the World Bank, David Hobbs was central to bringing over two thousand sites into one platform, and set up a product management process for ongoing improvements. For a think tank, we helped to greatly focus their topic pages (dropping 85% of the topic pages -- see case study). This included defining rules and a dashboard for content quality over the long haul.

What clients say

  • "David played a key role in making Realtree.com one of the most successful websites in the outdoor industry" -- Scott Hughes, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises
  • "Creative out-of-the-box thinking" -- Alex McKenzie, World Bank (IEG)
  • "Helped me see that I was dramatically underestimating the amount of effort it would take to achieve the goals we had set out for ourselves" -- Cheryl Lesser, Thomson Reuters


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